Saturday, 13 December 2014

Boys v Girls

They say every child is different and no child is the same, right?! well I have living proof that this is fact. They also say not to compare your children but for this post I'm going to do just that....!
I HAVE ONE ANGEL AND ONE DEVIL. (Don't take this literally, I love my children equally, but my son should of been called Damien -no joke!) my daughter was a loving, content and happy baby, my son is wild, savage and often very angry!  
My daughter slept from 3weeks old, my son is 11mths and still hasn't slept a whole uninterrupted night.
I think the sleep deprivation may be the hardest thing to come to terms with closely followed by the screaming / biting / scratching (and generally attacking everyone). Don't get me wrong he is the cutest little boy I've ever seen (I know I would say that wouldn't i?!) he is bright blonde with the biggest blue eyes and the most amazing smile, but he really is a devil in disguise. His cuteness often fools people. I think this is what will get him through life, hopefully that and his fathers brains!! 
My daughter is happy playing quietly or sitting and watching tele I can't ever see my son doing any of those things! He has one speed (super fast) and one volume (loud), I've had lots of people say "he must sleep well an ware himself out the speed he goes"  No he doesn't!!!!!!! 
I am now going to use one of those annoying things people say for absolutely everything a child does, but I really hope it's just a phase!!! 
I think as teenagers the roles may reverse and I'll have one angry teenage daughter and one happily, sleep all day mummy's boy haha :) 
Any comments regarding the sleep deprivation or savageness (biting/scratching/pinching) would be gratefully received but please refrain from criticising my parenting skills or choice in vocabulary (I could call him allot worse then a devil at times) I don't class myself as a bad mother in fact in the circumstances I do pretty well! 
I would just like to feel more human and in control at times, and more sleep wouldn't go a miss.....!!!! Can't have it all though.
Im beginning to understand why some people go grey quickly, have mid life crisis's and drink far too much. However I will never understand how people have more then two children, without needing a padded cell (for me not the child, that would be bad parenting). 
On that note I'll end this post x
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