Friday, 1 May 2015

The DO's and DON'Ts of a sleep deprived parent.


DON'T take on long car journeys, its hard enough having control of two feet never mind four wheels.

DON'T participate in debates with friends, family or other halves this will more than likely turn into massive unnecessary row.

DON'T do the food shop, you will end up with 10 onions and no bread?!

DON'T go anywhere without a 'to do list', especially work.

DON'T make life changing decisions

DON'T make big bank balance changing purchases  

DON'T watch Geordie shore / TOWIE or other such programmes containing young carefree childless types.

DON'T make yourself attend exercise classes, you will feel pathetic and useless and the class will drag and be hundred times harder then it needs to be. Nobody has gained from this experience.

DON'T take your sleep deprivation out on those closest to you, mainly those who have slept more than you, so pretty much everyone than.

DON'T follow parents on social media who insist that their children are perfect and sleep all the time, it makes you bitter and angry.

DON'T blame yourself. I for one have read every article, blog and book about sleep training, I've tried every tip and bit of advice out there and my baby still doesn't sleep! This is his fault not mine.

DON'T think your alone. thanks to blogging and twitter I've realised just how many sleep deprived parents there are out there.

DON'T become complacent, a few nights sleep doesn't mean you have it sussed. Baby is boss.


DO feel sorry for yourself, it sucks being sleep deprived, you deserve that self pity, so wallow in it as much as you want.

DO eat junk food guilt free. 

DO choose to nap over doing the washing

DO ask for help and get the break you need.

DO remember it won't last forever, your baby will learn to sleep at some point in its life. Hold on in there.

DO not give up or give in, they're very stubborn creatures are babies. Stay strong and be persistent.

DO use your sleep deprivation as an excuse for everything, while you can. From bad time keeping, forgetfulness and un-washed hair.

DO promise to be a nicer human being when your child learns to sleep.   

DO eat a pack of party rings for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day don't miss out on it

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  1. Haha i love this! So true, all of it. Sleep deprivation is the absolute worst! xxx

  2. Preach! Amen! ::falls asleep at keyboard:: #wineandboobs

  3. HAHA!!! This is sooooo true!! I once poured coffee on pancakes, thinking it was syrup!! Sleep deprivation is a very true thing lol!

    1. This made me laugh 😂 so easily done x

  4. Love this post! :) It's so true even for stay at home dads :) thank you so much for linking up on #wineandboobs

  5. So true! Ace and party rings for breakfast of course! I might have just had a pack of haribo ...

  6. Haha! You got those spot on! Totally agree and I've just realised why TOWIE makes me feel so bad when I watch it! #TheList #wineandboobs

  7. Brilliant post and so true. You got each one spot on. I love party rings mmmmm #TheList

  8. Totally agree with both of these lists!! Hehe

  9. Ha ha! This is my life at the moment :) Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  10. Lol all so very true thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  11. This made me laugh! A post I can relate to, especially the junk food part! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  12. I can so relate to this i havent slept for two years as i have two little ones very close in age and my son likes to wake at 5.30 am every morning , i feel like screaming when everyone else says there baby sleeps all night xx #binkylinky

  13. Haha party rings for breakfast! Love it! Great post x