Thursday, 25 June 2015

Things I've learnt to be ok with now I'm a mum

Some days your gunna sleep all day and sometimes you'll feel like you're wasting the days away. But you'll come to realise there's nothing more important then sleep, like nothing!! And it's never a wasted activity. 

Most days you won't get around to mopping the kitchen floor. But it's not that bigger deal as you will get round to it, one day, perhaps when the kids have grown up and left home!? Give yourself a break. 

You will often start the day with good intentions (like dieting) but these will often be forgotten about by lunch time. But there's always tomorrow or the next day. 

Sleep is the most important thing in the whole-wide-world and you will choose it over everything. Including Eastenders, eating and showering. 

Ironing is something you done once upon a time way back when, before the second baby, when you slept and did house work, religiously. Clothes that actually do need ironing were obviously invented by a man. 

5am will never be anyones fav time of the day, ever! No one 'chooses' to get up at that god awful time. It is the torture hour. A time before even Granny Murray!  

Kids tv is the best invention in the whole wide world!!!! The amount a mum can get done during a one 5min episodes of Bing is record breaking. And Mr Tumble will be your best friend. 

As a mum it's the small things you'll learn to appreciate most, like peeing in peace, a sneaky mars bar or a 2 min flick through Facebook, in silence. Bliss. Who needs champagne and pandora?! 

The longer you spend preparing a nutritious meal for your little darlings the harder it is to accept when it's thrown on the floor or spat out! Hence why smilies and fish fingers were invented. 

You learn to lower your ambitions and aim's, no longer will you want to look like something out of TOWIE, instead you want to look human-like and not twice your age. 

Your goals are to get through the day and survive. No longer are you concerned about the latest fashion trends or who's going with. 

Friday nights are all about the pizza, gogglebox and a bottle of cheap strawberry cider before collapsing in bed by 10pm. Gone are the clubbing days and the dirty kebabs at 2am!! No thank-you..! 

But mostly you'll realize life isn't all about you anymore. Your needs and goals will change and the things that make you happy are priceless and invaluable. And not from Top Shop or in a little white box. 

You'll also realize that you'll never be, a size 8 again or that care-free spontaneous person you were at 20 and you'll probably never have any real actual amounts of money, ever. But that's ok. We, as parents accept it all. Even though we go into it without actually signing anything or agreeing to any actual terms. Parenting the unspoken contracts. 

Friday, 5 June 2015



Week commencing:
I came across this amazing heartfelt post, its a topic close to my heart and one I always find so hard to express. But reading other bloggers brave and open posts, encourages me to confront my demons.
Thank you Susan Pajaro for this.  


A brilliant insightful documentary, well done channel 4.
It highlighted the importance for early diagnoses and the support needed for families. This programme proved there is an awful lot more that should be done. I could relate to some of the issues raised as my brother has ADHD, growing up we didn't see him as being any different but it was a
difficult battle with school etc.


A dress!! shock horror. it was allot shorter then it looked on the hanger. This dress was my bargain of the month from eBay, I won it for £4 and it was brand new with tags still on that said £25. You cant grumble at that.
I wore it to my friends baby shower meal, I had so much fun, who knew baby showers could be so much fun.


Some very sad news about a girl I know. I'm still at a total loss for words.
My post Taken far too soon


As many of you know I'm not crafty and I cant bake or cook but every now and then I give it a go. So this was me giving it a go at making a cake. I liked this disaster up to Brummy Mummy of 2 - Wicked Wednesday

and lastly:

I used this quote in my post  - Sorry to my friends
Its such a lovely quote :)

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Sorry to my friends

Sorry I cant come out as often as I used to.
Sorry I get tired and slope off early when I do go out.
Sorry I only text about the sleep deprivation, nappies and tantrums.
Sorry I haven't got the energy for the latest drama's. 
Sorry that my kids have taken over my life.
Sorry I am a bit of a rubbish friend.
Sorry I'm not all there when I do see you, I have 500 things on my mind.
Sorry we're no longer on the same wave length.
Sorry for choosing the soft play, parks or walks instead of the pub.
Sorry for not getting excited about the prospect of bank holidays, mad Friday and any other excuses to drink.
Sorry my body is unable to handle the 2 day hangovers anymore
Sorry I always decline the weekends away because of the thought of leaving my babies.
Most of all I'm sorry that we have grown apart but my life has taken a different direction now, I hope one day we will be on the same path again.

Sorry I cant be who I used to be.
But I'm a mum now, of 2 and my kids are my life. I can't be that carefree happy-go-lucky person anymore. I've changed and life has changed, but I still need you more then ever, just in a different aspect. 




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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Getting my rant on

My rant of the week is an on-going one and I'm sure it's shared by many.

This is on the rant scale of maybe a 4 out of 10 (10 being the rantyous)

School lunch boxes, vain of our lives? Yea parents?! 
And to make things that little bit more difficult for us parents, food and drink companies decide to sell things in packs of 4, why 4 I hear you ask?! 
Exactly why frigging 4?! 
There are 5 days of the week and 5 school days?! 
So why 4?! 

There are specific products aimed at children and lunch boxes, such as yoghurts, smoothies and Dunkers all sold in 4 packs!!! Why?!

This was the only photo I could take last night as being a Thursday everything had already run out!!!!! *Angry face*

I previously contacted a certain drinks company (via Twitter) to express my frustrations (wish I could find this tweet) only to be met with an idiotic reply, which went something along the lines of 'the boxes aren't big enough to hold 5 cartons' well Mr Brightspark, make the boxes bigger, Genius idea!!! 

Maybe we're meant to starve them on the 5th day of school?! Saves money I suppose? 

Child cruelty I hear you say?! I agree, these companies are cruel to children and parents and lunch boxes! 


Food & Drink companies 1 
Parents.          0

A big fat ploy to get consumers to buy more and spend more! It's all about the money and not the lunch boxes. 

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Taken far to soon.


A girl I know, died last night. In a car crash. She was 19.

She was popular and well liked. 
She was beautiful and always smiling.

She was so so so young!

Her and her sister were inseparable, like twins.

I cant begin to imagine what her family must be going through. And how her sister is managing to come to terms with the loss. How would you?

I don't know what to write alongside the photo of the sisters on Facebook, like the other 100 odd people. I feel at a total loss for words.

I feel sick. I feel angry. And I feel unbelievably sad.

Such a waste of a life.

There are lots of things I wont ever get my head around or begin to understand and this is one of them.

Life sucks sometimes.

Being a good person

It's perfectly natural to not like everyone we meet. Some piss you off intentionally, some without doing anything at all and others because they're simply not a nice person. Not all people are good or have  good morals, but what is the best way to deal with these types of people?

There are two types of people in this world and I'm still trying to figure out which one I want to be! 

* There are the ones who are straight talking, they say it how it is, no sugar coating shit! You know where you stand with these people, if you're not liked then they don't give you the time of day. They are real and have a 'don't mess with me attitude' they don't forgive or forget. 

* Then there are the tolerate ones who are polite and nice. They try to be the better person, they rise above the BS and strive for the easy life. They forgive easily but don't necessarily forget, they're just good at hiding it. 

Is the second person morally wrong for not being true to themselves? or is the first causing themselves more agro for being truthful? but are they less likely to be taken advantage of in the long run?  

Which person is the better person? 

How would you rather people were with you, honest or polite? 

You can't be liked by everyone but can we all really get on, or at least pretend to? 

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Round-up

**Rounding-up May**

This month has been a really positive month for me. I've been pro-active and motivated, not just in my blogging life but my personal one too.   
I've made an effort to keep up with my fitness and I feel so much better for it. I put all this down to the fact I have been having more sleep :)
Also I have spent more time with friends, then I have done in a long time! I have been such a rubbish friend. I believe this is such a good pick me up, it makes you feel more like a person and not just a mum.

**My May pic's**


**My May Fav's**

 - Impulse, Be surprised, violet and red fruits. I'm addicted to this scent and it will defiantly be repurchased a few times in the next couple of months.
As featured in one of my #LittleLove posts.

- Family day out at a Nature park, with a picnic and a nature walk, I highly recommend fresh air and cheap family days out.

- My new iPhone. I just love a new toy, it felt like Christmas the day it arrived. All shinny and new :)

- The new linky #Effitfriday this is right up my street and has to be the best idea for a linky ever. Dedicated to the art of ranting, of which I am a pro.
hosted by Modern dad pages and Life with baby kicks 
check it out every Tuesday from 6pm
**My May Fail's**
- Losing weight has got to be my biggest fail this month,
good food and cider are just too much of a temptation.

- I've also not applied for any new jobs this month, this is down to the fact i'm still weighing up the pro's and con's of leaving my
very comfort job and taking a risk.
**My own fav post**

** Blogs I loved**

hurrah for gin - unfortunate signs you are getting old

**In the diary for next month**

- The carnival
- My daughters football presentation
- Spontaneous BBQ's (so not in the diary but are a must)  

**Previous months round-ups**


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