Friday, 16 January 2015

First School Trip - anxiety levels 8!

Today is going to be a very long day!

I will be spending the day a complete nervous wreck, so much so that no amount of vodka could even cure (obviously if I wasn't in work and I thought I could get away with drinking vodka at 10am)

This is due to my daughter going on her first ever school trip, 63 miles away / 1hr 28 on a bus, and all at 6 years of age! To see a pantomime of Cinderella (Is Cinderella even relevant in 2015?!)

I'm not sure who is more to blame for this happening, the person who came up with the bright idea (the school) or the person allowing, and paying for her to go (Me).

My problem with this said trip is:
1) We have numerous local theatres
2) Its January, the worst month for unpredictable weather conditions
3) I don't like buses
4) I don't like Cinderella (not actually true, but I couldn't think of 4 and 3 wasn't enough)

I prepared my daughter for all eventualities, I gave her enough food to last a week, I put my telephone number in her shoe (she had no pockets) and I ran through all the important information like where she lived, her school etc. 

I then cried. As my daughter gave me the look of someone slightly unhinged.

I consider all quite rational things to do for a mother in my position.

I hope its not like this on every school trip!!

Please do tell me this is a completely normal process to go through as a mother and I'm therefore not unhinged?! I do however need vodka.

I still have 7 hours to go.

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