Thursday, 19 March 2015

Moving and me (part 1)

This is my adventures of moving house with 1 partner, 2 kids and 3,000 tons of junk! 

Part 1 - Finding a house....!
We've finally found a house to rent that doesn't come with mould and damp as standard, that has properly fitted heating system and doesn't leak!! hurray!!! It only took the best part of 6 months and a shed load of disappointments.

In my area, houses that become available to rent are snapped up quicker then the 'To Let' sign can go up! The fastest source of advertising is by word of mouth and it all depends on who you know as to whether you even get a viewing! Its a known fact that if you sneeze at one end of the high street it will be rumoured you have the plague by the time you reach the bottom of the street. Small town syndrome can be quite infuriating. 

Reputation is everything. If you've upset the landlords, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, Grans dog at some point, well you might as well forget it. You won't even get a look in! 

I was very lucky with this house, I was in the right place at the right time (the Co-op) and I heard it on the great vine, before the agents even had the keys! I was the first to view and I knew within 5 minutes of being at the property that I was going to take it. I was one of those really annoyingly over keen people and I think I done the agents head in that much that they gave me the tenancy just to shut me up! 

It was fate.

I would just like to clarify that yes property is my profession, but in my defence I sell houses so renting is a whole another ball game. Renting is a mine field in my opinion. Even us estate agents have property trouble.

So in 2 weeks time we will be moving, 0.5 miles up the road and around the corner. Hurray, except I have to pack, a hell of allot of junk! ahhhhh!

Moving is all fun and exciting until you consider the actual moving part. I'm dreading it, if I'm honest. What I intend to do is fully forget all about it until a few days before then panic pack! This will involve throwing everything into boxes, in no particular order and with no consideration for breakables and then hope for the best.

Look out for my other posts relating to moving and me, to see if my moving strategy works.

Oh and if someone could kindly sort my garage out before the moving date that would be much appreciated.......!! ahhhhhh :(



  1. Wow, I could have written this post! We live in such a similar town to urs, infact it could be the same one... Small town syndrome is rife here! We are also moving, to a much nicer house then the one we rent at the moment, that is about 500 yards away, and I do not want to accept that we have to pack!! And change addresses on everything and set up things like phone lines etc.... Yawn!! Dreading it all. But I know it will so be worth it! We are moving middle of next month, hoping to dump the toddler off on various family members for the duration of it! Xxxx

    1. Wow we do seem to have allot of similarities going on :) Perhaps you shouldn't read my posts on how badly my move goes with yours so close! I wish you lots of luck with yours xx

  2. Gah! Moving is crazy. Moving house with little ones even crazier. We moved back from overseas when E was 12 months, and homeless for 2 months moving inbetween the North and South of England until we found somewhere so feel your pain. Good luck with the move! #twinklytuesday

  3. Good luck with your move!! We've bought and sold 4 properties, and with rentals have moved 7 times since we've been together and my husband and I have accumulated SO much stuff over the years!! The last time we moved we hadn't got the boys either! I absolutely DREAD the next time!! Good luck! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |