Friday, 1 May 2015

April round-up

** My April round-up **
April, not one of my particularly favourite months.
but the weather has been amazing this April.
I've taken full advantage of it and the use of my new garden. 
I think my boy would live outside if he could,
he isn't traumatised after the snail incident (Gross!)
This month I've been pretty stressed out and I've felt like everything
was out of my control and up in the air. I've not enjoyed it. 
I'm hoping next month will be allot more calmer. 
However I did enjoy my first BBQ's of the year hosted by my
 brother to celebrate my mums birthday. 
In true BBQ form I ate far too much, especially Chinese style chicken, which is my new fav BBQ food and obviously I had a few strawberry ciders in the sun.

The kiddies enjoyed their first trip of the year to Cantref Farm. The boy loved being able to run wild and J is getting more confident with the animals.
 We are going to keep up visiting the farm throughout this year. 

 Girly day out to the capital to see Disney on ice.
It was magical and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Despite the £8 popcorn and the £13 small plastic doll
that I was persuaded to buy. The performance was amazing.
My favourite part was from the film Tangled, whilst my daughters was very 
predictably Frozen, which all the kids went mad for. 
* April Fav's *
* Rimmel nail vanish - Roll in the grass
* Primark summer dresses and shoes, I will do a Primark haul soon.
* Finley's handmade bunting from eBay by: oh-sew-lovely
*  Aldi's cheaper Desaronno - Amaretto £4!!!! 

* April Fail's *
* I took Fin to watch his daddy play football for the first time and after the worst tantrums I can safely say it will be a long time before I attempt it again. He could see his daddy, but he couldn't understand why he too couldn't go on the pitch. So he proceeded to throw himself on the floor, bang his head and shout at the top of his voice, kids are just lovely aren't they?! I was so embarrassed, mainly at my  lack of control over one small person. 

* My social media, due to not having any Wi-Fi for the last month my social media presence has really suffered. 
* I didn't make the shortlist for Britmums BiB awards :(
 I didn't actually expect to though, so not really a fail. 
The bloggers who made it are all incredibly talented and
are all well established I still have a long way to go. 

* In the diary for next month *
* Football club dinner 
* Baby shower 
* Night out (out-out) 

* April blogs I loved * 


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  1. Aww I hope everything is OK, and getting better. I have been pretty stressed out too the past month, and we have had some difficult times with our house purchase. Very stressful times.

    Other than that it sounds like you've had a lovely month doing stuff and going places, even if there may have been a few tantrums happening :) I didn't get through in Bibs either, but nevermind, let's try again next year in another category! :) Btw, have been meaning to do that tag you sent me a while back - will do it in May, promise :)

    Thanks for linking with #mymonthlyroundup :)