Friday, 5 June 2015

Sorry to my friends

Sorry I cant come out as often as I used to.
Sorry I get tired and slope off early when I do go out.
Sorry I only text about the sleep deprivation, nappies and tantrums.
Sorry I haven't got the energy for the latest drama's. 
Sorry that my kids have taken over my life.
Sorry I am a bit of a rubbish friend.
Sorry I'm not all there when I do see you, I have 500 things on my mind.
Sorry we're no longer on the same wave length.
Sorry for choosing the soft play, parks or walks instead of the pub.
Sorry for not getting excited about the prospect of bank holidays, mad Friday and any other excuses to drink.
Sorry my body is unable to handle the 2 day hangovers anymore
Sorry I always decline the weekends away because of the thought of leaving my babies.
Most of all I'm sorry that we have grown apart but my life has taken a different direction now, I hope one day we will be on the same path again.

Sorry I cant be who I used to be.
But I'm a mum now, of 2 and my kids are my life. I can't be that carefree happy-go-lucky person anymore. I've changed and life has changed, but I still need you more then ever, just in a different aspect. 




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  1. Having children really does change things doesn't it, which is sad at times when your friends aren't going through those changes too. I love that middle quote by they way! x

  2. Very powerful post lovely! And so unbelievably true! xx

  3. True this! Made me chuckle, thank you. #thelist

  4. As we go through the phases of our lives, friendships change and there are sometimes a few from the past that remains. But soon you will find that others do come back and for those who do not, you will find thst there are new ones that will come along.
    Have a great weekend ahead! Sending love from #WeekendBlogHop!

  5. Lovely post. One I would add to my list is "Sorry I don't really take that much care of my appearance anymore and always food always on my clothes!"

    I too am sorry to my friends....but in my case I am not that sorry..... as I have an amazing little man that loves me unconditionally and is a joy to spend time with. I don't want to miss anything. Enjoy x #TheList

  6. So true and totally changes you. Identify with tiredness #thelist

  7. It's amazing how things can change so much - so very true

  8. Great post. I'm finally starting to feel excited about bank holidays again. Not because I go out drinking but because I get an extra day off work to hang out with my kids! It is hard growing apart from our friends though. #TheList

  9. You're right, things change so much but you definitely still need them. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x