Monday, 27 July 2015

My issues with the summer hol's

** Child care ** 
I have two options here i either rely on friends and family, which is the cheaper option
Issue - it runs the risk of being let down last minute (through no fault of their own) therefore resulting in complete chaos! 
Holiday club / paid childcare. which the kids totally love because they get to do cool stuff that they can't do at home like gluing shit to tables or tredding playdoh in the carpet but it comes at a high price! Issue - Is it actually worth while going to work once you've paid the child care costs? Or are you out of pocket? 

** Out with routine and in with chaos **
That carefully constructed routine is out the window within a matter of days. The bed time routines, waking up routines and even eating routines are all turned into unintentional chaos. No matter how hard you try and stick to your guns the holiday doom takes over! 
Issue - wild unruly children 

** Spending goes through the roof ** 
On days-off during the holidays we as parents are obliged to take kids on days out (something to write about in their school journals if nothing else) 
Issue - during school holidays prices of days out are extortionate!!! You need to re-mortgage your house for one trip to the zoo nowadays :( 

** Everywhere is busy and over run with children ** 
Yea I get this is an obvious one but it's also so frustrating!! Supermarkets, cafe and soft plays are all rammed this time of year. There's no getting away from kids
Issue - my own children drive me insane without others adding to it! There's no where to hide. 

** Unpredictable British weather ** 
During the 6-week break we can encounter all times of weather conditions therefore making it impossible to organize days out. Going anywhere is a military operation with wellies, raincoats, sun hats and suncream. 
Issue - it's Sod's law you forget the one thing you need as you try and second guess the weather and obviously get it wrong!! 

There is always the option of staying at home on safer territory. 
Issue - the kids will climb the walls whilst you get cabin fever. No one is a winner here either. 

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  1. All valid issues with the 6 week holiday - I find it frustrating as a teacher because it means I can only have my time off when everything's at a premium!