Thursday, 29 January 2015

My little terror turns 1!

It has been 365 long ole days and nights since my little man entered the world, the day before my planned c-section. Nothing could of prepared us for life with a little man, he turned our world upside down, literally!

The transaction between baby to toddler is a difficult one for us mums. The only way I can explain it is, its like being in mourning. I am mourning the loss of the baby stage, where he would just lie happily in my arms for hours, and not pull my hair, fight and wriggle for freedom or use me as a climbing frame.

Its a boy thing.....
* He attracts dirt constantly and no matter how many times I clean his face he still looks grubby, still I would never say no to a big sloppy kiss.
* Going round things isn't an option, throwing yourself over things and clabbering over things is much more fun.
* Breaking things and smashing things up is what they like to do.
* He insists on being attached to my leg/hip, 24/7!
* Getting dressed entails a massive fight and struggle
Despite all this, sleepy cuddles, sharing of soggy toast and beaming smiles when you enter the room are the best things ever.

My little man is by far the cutest baby in the whole world, obviously! no really he truly is, he fools everyone with his massive blue eyes and bright blonde hair, my son is a very cute little devil in disguise! He was blessed with the ability to make you forget all the sleepless nights, the endless screaming and the destruction of everything in sight with just one smile!

I am extremely blessed.

Roll on the years still to come of struggle, stress and sleepless nights as he is worth all of it. 
I love my blue eyed little terror.

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