Friday, 6 February 2015

Why the 6 nation’s rugby isn’t one of my priorities....

Its the big day, The start of the almighty 6 nations.
Its all kicking off tonight with the big match, when the English go head to head against the Welsh!

My first confession, I've never been a huge rugby fan (unlike some of my Facebook followers, who have been counting down the sleeps). However, I've always kind of looked forward to the start of the 6 nations, mainly because I live in Wales, and the Welsh don't do anything by halves! Its a big occasion in the Welsh calendar and the excitement is contagious. The pubs are a live during the 6 nations with very excited and loud (and usually larger holding) Welsh people (and some who aren't actually Welsh but keep quite, well unless the English win of course)

Second confession, I'm not actually Welsh. I was moved here by my very English parents when I was 3. So I wasn't born in Wales and my parents aren't Welsh either. (I'm just clarifying this point for argument sake as some people claim to be Welsh in any small significant way they can) I am not, and this doesn't make any difference to me.

Third confession, I don't actually care who wins, it makes absolutely no difference to my life either way! It doesn't make me less English or less happy to live in Wales, I don't celebrate harder if 'my team' wins or drink more or shout louder at the television if 'my team' loses (I don't have a 'team'!) I tend to just enjoy all the hype and the atmosphere of the game. 

Fourth confession, now I have two children and less then 5 hours sleep a night (on a good night), I have no aspirations to go anywhere near a pub or to drink pints or to listen to the whaling of the national anthem (sang badly and out of tune). This isn't a good night out for me anymore, just the thought of a hangover makes me want to shudder and is enough to put me off drinking for the time being as my 1 year old would be less then sympathetic.  

Tonight I'll be at home, in my onezie with a glass of wine, not cheering anyone and not really understanding the rules or what's going on (probably fast asleep by half time).

I hope both teams do well and I hope everyone enjoys the big hype of the match and of course the blinding hangovers tomorrow.....!!

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