Thursday, 26 February 2015

30 of my life lessons, before I turn 30 (tomorrow)

1) Always eat carbs before a night out 
2) Don't text or use social media when drunk (if you have to squint with one eye to read the screen then your drunk, step away from the phone)
3) Don't take or send any photos you wouldn't want your parents to see, or your boss! 
4) Don't look through your partners phone / facebook -if you feel the need to then he probably has got something to hide. However it's perfectly acceptable to stalk his social media. 
5) Don't go shopping when your hungry 
6) Listen to your instincts 
7) Social media is a fabrication of people's life's, the best bits, what people want you to see.  
8) Don't use social media as a therapist, self pity isn't attractive. 
9) Onesies are the most comfiest things ever, no matter how stupid you look. But don't go to the shops in it. 
10) One night stands are frowned upon in your late 20's 
11) Feeling too old to relate to Geordie Shore is normal when you're over 25
12) Never go to bed without taking your make-up off
13) Don't make decisions when your angry or crazy tired, sleep on it. 
14) The grass is greener if you water it.
15) Everyone is flawed 
16) Don't double text a boy...ever!
17) Live within your means and your over draft
18) Jeremy Kyle will always make you feel better about your life.
19) Sometimes there's nothing like wallowing in your own misery, it's therapeutic everyone loves a good wallow.
20) Smoking isn't cool and it's actually really hard to quit! Take it from me after smoking for 10yrs and now a quitter for 3, its not worth it. 
21) Don't apply fake tan on shaving day, no matter how much you want that tan! no tan is better then a shit tan.
22) Fairy tales don't exist, if you lose your shoe at midnight - your drunk!
23) If you get enjoyment out of putting people down then your a twat
24) Primark do the best sandals!
25) Burger king is the best hangover cure ever invented.
26) No one likes a know it all, act dull its more sociably acceptable.
27) Be with someone who makes you crazy, but not in a psycho way
28) Smile it pisses people off.
29) Pick your battles wisely.
30) Turning 30 isn't actually the end of the world.

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  1. Ahhh Happy Birthday - the big 3-0! Great list, make me chuckle. And point 30 is so true - life is even better in your 30s, trust me :-) xx #TheList

    1. Thank you. Ooh I do hope so I'm intrigued x