Friday, 27 February 2015

February Favourites


My first ever favourites post......

I know this is a pretty standard post to do and I'm sure most bloggers do it, but I love reading them so I thought I would join in, it gives me a chance to reflect on my month.

- First of all has to be my local Co-op's Free-From range, they stock quite an extensive range (which I never knew) it made my life a little easier when we were told to try a wheat-free diet alongside my sons dairy-free one....nightmare! (luckily we don't have to do it anymore)! so thank you the Co-op!

- This will probably feature in most of my favourites because I am obsessed, - Liz Earl, Cleanse and polish. I literally love this stuff, not so much the price but it is worth the money. I look forward to taking my make up off and feeling refreshed at the end of the day and best of all its so easy and effortless.

- Eastenders, I cant not mention it as its been a big part of my life this month, this is probably a sad statement to make but it is true. There has been rather allot going on lately, I think even though they dragged 'Lucy's murder' storyline out it was done really well. I never suspected Bobby Beale till right at the end. However bringing Kathy back from the dead is utterly ridiculous. I think they need to rain it in a bit.

- The book of you by Claire Kendal, I haven't got to the end yet (I blame blogging, its taken over my life) but its very gripping and intense. I like that there isn't loads of characters to follow and the story is easy to follow, and pick up and put down.  I cant really give it a rating as I haven't finished it  yet but I will let you know.

- Cant really not mention my birthday as it was my fav day! I was spoilt with Pandora, champagne and lasagne :) what more could a girl want. However I wasn't a fan of my car being decorated with 30 banners , especially when I was  already running late for the school run!! My babies gave me a lie in, and I woke up without my baby boy in my bed for the first time in ages, bonus!! My fav presents were my Breville smoothie maker from my babies (which I will review at some point) and my lush Pandora ring from my partner.

- Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip pen £2.99 from boots, so easy to apply and long lasting and best of all so cheap!! I use this every day and I would be lost without it. I will be repurchasing for sure!!

- Ed Sheeran X, this album is the only thing I've had on all month, I love that it suits any mood and is easy listening (usually over screaming kids in the car). I'm in a bit of a music lull at the mo, I don't really have any favourites and I haven't a clue what's good or popular.

My favourite thing about February has got to be the fact its a short month so pay day comes around quicker...Yippe! :)

- My internet favourites
Blogs -
She is just an ordinary working mum who tells it like it is. she was the first blogger I followed.

- Potty Mouthed Mummy -
The newbie class blogs have been great for me as a newbie, really informative and easy to follow.

- Hannah Gale
This is my top blogger of 2015 so far, I read all her blogs and she is one blogger I do follow on a daily basis. She is very witty and its such a good read, I recommend her to everyone. I found her posts on depression and anxiety very relatable too.

YouTubers -
Hannah Maggs, who I watch every Sunday night religiously, usually with a glass of wine and a candle. Her little boy was born around the same time as mine and its funny to watch them develop together, I also feel her pain allot of the time with the daily struggles of having a baby!!

Zoelle, I always find her so addictive to watch. I think she is a great role model for young girls.

YouTube Music -
-Hobbie twitter - @HobbieStuart amazing voice! he does allot of covers, old and new and put his own twist on them
my fav is  - Ed Sheerand - Sing / Disclosure - Latch (Acoustic cover)

And a few Feb Fail's (which seem to be all food related!)
- Pancake day, I totally forgot all about it and I came to the conclusion it was too difficult to bother with, with the whole dairy free and wheat free nightmare we were going through. So no tossing took place this year.

- Valentines Day, we were both far too sleep deprived to actually think about each other, we did buy gifts (with a £5 limit) but it was all done a bit half heartedly. I love him every day though, not just on valentines day, so its all ok. (soppy shit)

- Lent, I managed to give up chocolate for lent for a whole 3 days!!!! Which is pretty good for me but then I accidentally (honestly), forgot and my partner caught me eating a chocolate biscuit.
Well realistically I was never going to last 40 days anyway!

That's it for this month, thanks all for reading and please share with others if you liked x

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