Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February round-up

My first monthly roundup for @waveatmummy linky 

This month it was suggested that my son should try a wheat-free diet along side his dairy-free diet, as he was still in lots of discomfort especially at night, lying flat. he suffers with really bad wind and is often very irritable. luckily we only had to endure this for a week, for us it was a nightmare! I cant begin to tell you just how many things wheat is in, its literally in everything! I have to praise my local Co-Op for their extensive range of free-from products, this helped massively! however they were expensive. we are now waiting for a paediatrician appointment, but its not wheat, thank goodness.

Pancake Day was a big fail, as well i forgot, bad mummy, but in my defence with the whole wheat-free / dairy-free nightmare we were going through it wouldn't of been practical. 

Valentines day was done a bit half heatedly this year due to both of us being overwhelmingly sleep deprived. we set a limit of £5, which my partner done very well, i on the other hand found it extremely difficult. I've not beating myself up about this as i love him everyday not just valentines day, so i will treat him again. 
I tried out two new exercise classes, only because my usual class, kettlebells has been cancelled for 4 weeks, i was determined to not sit on my arse for 4 weeks and I'm happy with the fact I only missed one week! I tried virtual spinning first, I've done spinning previously, and i do like it but i find it real repetitive i also find it only really  works your legs an bum where as id prefer a whole body workout. The virtual class was not for me, I need someone shouting at me and motivating me otherwise I don't push myself Then I gave insanity a go, which I done for two weeks, this was a hardcore workout. I liked the upbeat music and the variety of exercises, the best bit is each exercise is only a minute long so its fast moving making the class go quickly, I defiantly felt like I had done a good workout afterwards. I'm looking forward to starting back at my usual class.

The dreaded 30th birthday happened this month. I realised I'm far too old for that drinking lark, hitting 30 isn't all that bad and I have lots of amazing friends and family. 

My little princess has taken on a whole new side this past few weeks, she has started to answer back and have a right attitude, this scares me, i don't want my little angel to grow up!! Hopefully its just a phase and with the help of the marble reward system that we have started it will put a stop to it or at least hold it off till the inevitable teenage years!

That’s about it this month, next month…Chicken pox, Mothers day and the princess turns 6 :) x


  1. You've certainly had a busy month - and can't believe you've done insanity for two weeks, it looks well hard! I've only seen it on telly and it looks tough! I just do cross trainer and some weights, and that is more than enough for me :D

    Sorry to hear your little one has been having trouble with her diet... :( Have you ever checked Le Coin de Mel blog - she's another parent blogger and her kids have food allergies and she posts "free from" recipes which might maybe be helpful for you if you ever need to come up with some new foods etc.?

    Thanks for linking with #mymonthlyroundup! :)

    1. Thank you for hosting and commenting :)
      I will have a look at Le Coin de Mel's blog thanks for the tip x