Monday, 2 March 2015

What I realised the second time around....

*All babies are different 
* Sleep isn't an option 
* Its not as easy to lose the baby weight the second time round, you have to actually try hard.
* You can't physically split yourself in two. 
* Ready made baby food doesn't actually harm your child! 
* Asking for help doesn't make you less of a mum (please just take one?!) 
* Sibling rivalry is inevitable and unless you have two of everything, then they are going to want what the other has!  
* I love Mr Tumbles (television also doesn't harm your child)
* straightening my hair is a luxury 
* Its impossible to keep two happy, at the same time, all the time! They must learn to take turns. 
* You don't get as excited about 'buy one get one free' threats anymore 
* 'Me time' is something you had pre kids. 
* You don't interact with your partner at all, besides 'rock/paper/scissors' who's turn is it to get up!
* Nobody volunteers to babysit two, all-night. 
* just because you have done it all before, doesn't mean you'll remember how to do it again, you've had a baby since then.
* Bumps and tumbles aren't the end of the world and don't result in 5 phone calls, 2 Facebook posts and a trip to A&E 
* parents of more than one child aren't anti social they are just in a constant state of sleep. 
* Your social life is playgroups and singing head, shoulders knees and toes and eating slices of banana
* not knowing what is going on in Eastenders is the norm. 
* You'll never see the bottom of your washing basket again and what is an iron again?! (Now you have two children its perfectly acceptable not to use the iron) 
* You can't eat anything without sharing it into 3's. 
* You won't ever pee, brush your teeth or shower alone, or for longer then 2minutes 
* I used to love them things they call books. 
* getting the playdoh out is as spontaneous as it gets. 


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  1. It gets easier as they get older I promise. There's many great things about having two kids as well like once their old enough to play together they keep each other entertained. You'll never hear "Mom I have no one to play with" because they always have that 'last resort friend' You gave birth too for them. Your oldest one can help look after or do things for the younger one. Your younger one learns things faster from watching the older one (of course only about 75% of this is stuff you want them to learn). It is pretty awesome at times #mummymonday #lifewithboys

    1. thank you for your reply, I cant wait for them to be able to play together, baby is still a bit little. i'll look forward to it getting easier :) their is definatly awsome ttimes and they are more than worth it all x

  2. Fabulous!! I have one and errr I'll stick at that! Not really. Love the post. xxx #mummymonday

    Sarah at both and

  3. Great post! I only have one at the moment. Number two is hopefully on the cards next year - I don't know whether to bookmark this post of forget about it hehe!! #mummymonday

  4. Oh dear not sure I should show this to my partner that would definitely kill the no. 2 argument and swing it in his favour! But loved the reading the post thank you for the insights #mummymonday

  5. sorry i made it all sound a bit doom and gloom haha its really not, i wouldnt change any of it, but its harder then i expected it to be but its worth it x

  6. Hahaha! A lot of these are relevant to me now, with just the one baby (TV, ready meals etc etc) Its all laughs isn't it! x

  7. Yep, agree with the lot of them! I would add, that its amazing how I can still fit in a glass of wine but not always a shower #priorities

    1. Oh yes I so agree, it was 5.30 before I managed to squeeze in a shower today, when my partner came home from footie. But I managed to squeeze in a cupcake and a sneaky watch of 'The real housewives of Cheshire' #priorities

  8. What a fab list. I can relate to a lot of this after just having one!! Thanks so much for linking up hope to see you again tomorrow!! #MummyMonday xx

  9. Haha these are so true! My number two is a little monster too and fully made me appreciate what an angel number one was (and is). Having two does have lots of positive aspects too. I love how my two play together now they're a bit older (now 7 years and 3 years). Number two has discovered independence much quicker than number one did (copies older brother) and so that's helpful. Hang in there. Getting organised and fitting everything into the day does get easy as the get older. #MummyMonday