Thursday, 30 April 2015

A-Z of me.

Thank you to the lovely @misunderstood_mummy for my nomination. I loved this challenge :) 

I nominate: @RaisingtheRings  & @MumsBlindLove & @BabyChaos11 

A - addict of social media 
B - blogger 
C -  c-sections - I've had 2. 
D - depression 
E - eldest sibling it's true what they say the eldest is the best. 
F - Finley - My little devil. 
G - girlfriend to Rob (welsh Karl Pilkington)  
H - honest, probably too honest! 
I - Indian takeaways 
J - Jaz - my gorgeous girly
K - kettlexcise  
L - lie in's 
M - Moaner! 
N - niece, love being an Aunty
O - One of Each Kind - My blog  
P - Phone it's like another limb 
Q - Quiet life -living in the middle of know where 
R - reading - books an blogs 
S - single mother hood - I'm proud to say I was part of for 3 happy years. 
T - to do lists - essential with a memory like mine 
U - unhealthy food - basically all! 
V - vino - but the vino doesn't like me
W - working mum 
X - x-ray - I've had a few 
Y - YouTube addict 
Z - Z-fitness - my fitness instructor 

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  1. Great A-Z - thanks for the nomination I can't wait to write my post! I am an eldest sibling too, aren't we the best! =D hehe

    1. Thank you, I'll look forward to reading yours too x

  2. Ah i love your list! A good few of these could have also popped up on mine! xx

  3. I love reading these! I'm a social media addict as well! 😊 #bigfatlinky

  4. Fun idea - might do this myself! Enjoyed finding your blog via the #bigfatlinky

  5. Great list! It's not easy to get all the letters, you did a great job. And it's a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers. #bigfatlinky :)

  6. Perfect A and B but don't mention lie ins - sore subject! Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky