Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Another of my Liebster awards :)

Thank you so much Rachel @ Mummy in training for my nomination, After a pretty crap start to the week it cheered me up reading all your 22 questions and answers.
 I enjoy these posts so I always try and give them a go when I've been nominated.

           1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 

          Somewhere hot and far away from the mother in law
          2. What is your top parenting tip?
           It gets easier.
           3. Sweet or savoury?
            Sweet for sure.
         4.  What do you love most about blogging?
        5. If you were given a free day (no parenting, working etc), how would you spend it?
         In bed, I would love 12hrs of uninterrupted sleep, yes this makes me very sad, but I
         miss sleep so much!
         6. Favourite children's story?
          Peace at last, my daughter is sick of it now though.
        7.  What one piece of advice would you give your teenage self?
            Don't be in any rush to be a grown up, its not as much fun as you may think!
       8.  Night in or night out?
           Night in because the thought of a hangover and my 1 yr o scares the hell out of me
       9.  Who is your celebrity crush?
             Ryan Gosling, rather an easy one for me.
     10.  What is your favourite flower?
              Purple tulips
    11.  Cleaning or gardening?
            If I have to pick one I would go with cleaning, I'm not in anyway green fingered, I  
            have a habit of killing off all plants and flowers!
 My questions are

1. Facebook or twitter?
2. What are your top 5 emoji you use?
3. On-line shopping or browsing yourself?
4. Your chosen pizza topping?
5. Who inspired you to start blogging?
6. What is the one thing you hope for your children?
7. In 20 years time what do you hope has changed with the world?
8. Who was your role model growing up?
9. Texting or calling?
10. Top tip for losing weight?
11. City life or country life?



  1. Great answers. I have just read Peace at Last to Sam before nap time, love that story! I tend to kill plants too ;) xx

    1. It never gets old for me. I can just about keep two kids alive but fail miserably with plants! Thanks for reading x

  2. Oh, 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep sounds amazing. At this point I'm worried if I slept that long I might just never wake up again...

    1. Would be bliss wouldn't it?! ahhh.
      Thanks for stopping by x

  3. thanks for the nomination, I'm at home bored so working on my post all ready! x

    1. Looking forward to reading yours.
      Thanks for stopping by x