Friday, 24 April 2015

Fridays and me.

What Fridays are all about....


* The Friday feeling, which is more out of habit from my younger days but I still roll with it. 

* Last working day of the week, this can be seen as a good or a bad thing depending on whether you like work or your children.

* Early finish in work, if I'm lucky just because its traditional.

* Friday treat, usually involves something chocolatey, so what if all my hard work of the week is blown in one day, its Friday!

* Pizza night, which basically involves very little cooking.

* Gogglebox, I actually love watching people watching TV! Such a brilliant concept.

* No early night, with no regard for the early swimming lesson that takes place on  Saturdays, Fridays are all about the rebel.

* Strawberry cider, currently taken over from wine as it gives me such a sore head and swimming lessons and a fuzzy head don't mix!  

* The Nixtape on radio 1, which in no way compares to the Golden hour with Chis Moyles, ahh those were the days.

* #TheList linky - for obvious reasons this is one of my fav's! hosted by You baby me mummy and Mums days. If all else fails during the week I make sure I link up with this one, I then feel I've at least accomplished something.

* Dry shampoo day, this is probably just me but hey ho. For me Saturdays are hair wash days so Fridays are touching on border line grease, yuck I know! But us parents have to schedule these things in and sometimes the hair doesn't cooperate with this schedule.

* I always post a relatable photo on my Facebook page these usually involve very important quotes or pictures, as seen below, to share my Friday feeing.  

* I used to always have a tan on a Friday as my tanning day would be a Thursday, ready for the weekend. Unfortunately this habit died along with my social life after baby no2. But I want to get back into this habit now the sun's out and the legs. Fridays are all about smelling like biscuits.

* Tots100 #Willynilly, who re-tweet you and your post, this week I was a day early and extremely keen. Opps!

This pretty much sums up my Friday.
I'm off to enjoy, hope you all do the same

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  1. Perfect Friday!! I opted for the 11.30am ballet class rather than 9.30am so I didn't have to end my Friday wine ritual x

  2. Love this. You can't beat the Friday feeling even if we have to get up early with little people. Have my cider at the ready too *cheers* xx

  3. What a fab way to sum up Fridays! I find they are full of hope and anticipation of what's to come over the weekend :-) #allaboutyou

  4. What a great post, it has made me excited about Friday already! I do love Fridays =D

  5. Fab post! I love Gogglebox too, I though I would hate it when it came out, but think it is so funny. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x