Thursday, 9 April 2015

Happiness and me :)

The subject of 'Happiness' seems to be hot topic of conversation everywhere at the moment. What makes us happy? How can we be happier? and so on. 

*Warning* this post doesn't contain the answers and probably isn't going to be very life changing, But I have found a few interesting things about this whole happiness lark.

1) I came across this post 17 ways to make yourself happier right now by my favourite blogger Hannah Gale, I agree with most of them apart from the Yorkshire pudding, what the hell?! It has to be pizza for me.

2) Last week Chris Evans on the breakfast show-Radio 2 interviewed Roko Belic on his film 'Happiness' (which a lovely twitter follower found on Netflix for me, Hurray for social media) The film takes viewers on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Check out the website here I'm yet to watch it in full, I've had no spare grown-up time, but sounds interesting.

3) The United Nations has declared the 20th March as the first ever International Day of Happiness. It hopes the initiative will encourage governments to consider the well-being of people, rather than focusing efforts solely on economic growth. But can a day really signify happiness. check out the website Day of happiness which focuses on making the world a happier and more connected place. A poster from the website is displayed below, its ten keys to a happier living are based on an extensive review of the latest findings from the science of wellbeing. They are all areas which research shows tend to make a big difference to our happiness and are within our control.

******* My view ********
In todays society we're often made to feel as though we're lacking in something, whether this be via advertising, social media or our peer's. This results in our constant pursuit for happiness and usually involves spending and buying things we don't need, with money we don't have. If you seek happiness through the eyes of someone else, you'll be forever chasing happiness. Social media has a big part to play in making peoples lives LOOK perfect and happy and therefore making us envious and needy.

When really happiness comes from within, I know a big cliché. 
It cannot be bought or manufactured, you need to decide for yourself to be happy and then find your own kind of happiness. What makes YOU happy? What is key to your happiness?

But is this constant pursuit for happiness really achievable? In reality, its ok not be happy all of the time. I for one enjoy being miserable sometimes, I love a rant and a good moan but I also appreciate the things that make me happy.

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  1. People that are happy all the time make me uneasy, I am always convinced theymust go home and kick the cat or something! x

  2. Great post and its so true - happiness is from within. Social media shows all the perfect moments but to me the perfect moments are the simple little moments that to someone else is nothing but to me is everything xx

  3. It's ok not to be happy all the time - love this part! #twinklytuesday

  4. great post - I don't think its possibly to be happy ALL the time, a bit un-natural really. Were not robots and we have all kinds of emotions after all & you're right happiness can't be bought!! :)

  5. Totally agree that happiness comes from within... but can be prompted from the smallest things; a rainbow, a phonecall from a friend, a chocolate bar... so many things make me happy! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |