Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Baby no3 and me.

After reading Brummy Mummy of 2 - when is right time to shut up shop post - please check it out. I have to admit I may have got a tiny, little bit broody *Shock horror* and nostalgic.

Anyone who knows me will know since baby number 2 I have been adamant - NO MORE EVER AGAIN - I had to do a quick reality check and do this post to ensure I don't get them funny idea's again.  

Here are my reasons for not having a baby no 3.

1) Money, babies cost a fortune. Everything costs that bit more nowadays.

2) I sold everything after baby no2, to prevent a baby no3.

3) Baby no2 still doesn't sleep, 15mths on :( I so need undisturbed sleep again soon and this wouldn't happen for a long time if there was baby number 3.
My posts on my sleep deprivation issue -
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4) The house isn't big enough and I point blank refuse to move again. The car is also not big enough to accommodate 3 car seats.

5) Pregnancy sucks! last time I was a walking time bomb for the whole 9mths. For me, being pregnant at 23 and then again at 28 I saw a huge difference. I found it allot harder on my body.

8 months pregnant with my son and the size of a house. 

6) Work would have a melt down if I went off for a third 9months in 7 years.

7) The fear of losing my sanity due to - hormones, sleep deprivation and depression. I made the decision to not take my anti-depressants whilst pregnant, something I found extremely difficult.

8) My partner shares the same feeling - NEVER AGAIN! He too has found baby no2 hard work, and being 4 years older then me feels it even more. I confess our relationship has taken a back seat since baby no 2. something I'm not proud of.

9) One of each, is more than enough. I'm so lucky and extremely grateful to have one of each.

10) I find it difficult to split myself in to two sometimes, so how on earth could I then split myself into three?! I'm forever riddled with guilt that my son takes up to much of my attention and affection, as he requires so much all the time being so small and my daughter doesn't get as much as she should, this makes me sad. It used to be just the two of us. For 3 years she had me all to herself, so it was a big change when baby no2 came. I want to be able to spend more time with them individually and I fear this wouldn't happen if there was baby number 3. I would then miss out on the two I have

So no matter how broody I may get I must remember BABY NO3 IS A NO GO!

My son hours after he was born 29/01/15

 My daughter hours after she was born 20/03/09

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  1. Yep... I have this argument with myself... daily! Like you, I sold EVERYTHING after baby number 2 but...Argh, I just don't know hahaha

    x Maria x

  2. Aww — I'd love another baby but sadly I think the moment is passed!! It made me laugh that you say pregnancy was harder at 28. I was pregnant with the twins at 39 ;) That said, I loved every minute. I guess I was lucky :) It's not the pregnancy that would put me off but the night feeds. I cherish my sleep too much! Thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  3. I'm desperate for number 2, but i can understand your reasons for no more!! :-) #mummymonday x

  4. I think everyone is having this argument with themselves a lot of the time. It is difficult to know when is the 'right' number of children for your family.

  5. I am so with you, LM is only 6 mths old but we are both adamant there will be no more, for much the same reasons as you! One of each is lovely and I want to enjoy every stage of them growing up together without spreading myself too thin or struggling with baby blues again. (Plus, I totally agree, pregnancy sucks!) xx #allaboutyou

  6. This post made me giggle, I would have been shocked if your announcement was about a visit from the stork given the title of your blog :-) #allaboutyou

  7. Well, I always said I only ever wanted 3, but now that number 3 is 13 months old, I am having all these internal arguments with myself about a number 4! I think I am one of those people who will always be broody! x #allaboutyou

  8. Ha, I've recently posted about the pro's and con's of a number 3. Despite thinking similarly to you, our mind is made up. I don't feel done yet.... I was lucky and had nice pregnancies so I can't imagine not doing it again :) #mummymonday