Thursday, 21 May 2015

Finding that 'Happy' you again.

I often get so bogged down with sleep deprivation and tantrums that its hard to pull myself out from behind the dark cloud and feel human again. However, today I have a rare smile on my face, so I'm sharing some of the ways that have helped me to not feel so blue. I'm in no way an expert, I'm just a mum.

A trim - Last night I had an inch taken off and I literally feel like a new person, I have no idea how a simple hair cut can make such a big difference but it has, my hair feels and looks great.

A good nights sleep - Sometimes you have to just admit defeat, hold your hands up and say to the other half, I need a break and a full nights sleep before I end up in a padded cell.   

The sun - Good ole vitamin D, Today I'm writing this to bright blue skies and this defiantly helps with brightening up the mood. Unfortunately we have no control over the weather so this one is out of our control but we can live in hope the sun will come out eventually.

Drinking lots of water - Yesterday I drank over 3 litres of water, I did have to consciously remind myself to keep drinking because for me, that's quite allot to get through in one day! I've been known to drink Lucozade and red bull to get me through the hardest day, which I know isn't good long term but desperate times. The downside to this is I spent allot of time wanting the loo, who has time to pee all day long with two kids?!

Maintaining yourself - After my trim I treated myself to a luxurious bath, shaved the legs (which admittedly don't get done that regularly now), face mask and painted my nails. It did take allot of effort and is time consuming, (time I would usually choose to catch up on sleep) but I can confirm it is worth the effort I feel refreshed and regenerated today. I wish you could just bottle up this feeling for when you're feeling crappy.

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  1. Great post and tips, just getting fresh air can help give your head some time away from 'mummy' slush and get bogged down in. X

    1. I agree, fresh air is pretty incredible for clearing the mind. They should bottle that up too :) thank you for dropping by x

  2. Some great ideas here, I think sometimes we all forget these little thing which perk us up.

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  3. Great tips. It's amazing how much drinking extra water can help! I love your quote too, you should link up with #candidcuddles on my site :) lots of uplighting quotes! Visiting from #TheList

  4. I agree, sometimes it's the small things that can really make a difference #TheList

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  5. Great ideas. I am always amazed by the power of a new haircut! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  6. These are great ideas to give you a boost. My favourite is going out in the fresh air, for a walk usually, as this really help me.

  7. Taking time out to look after ourselves is so important. I had a total restyle this week and I feel like a new woman. Thanks for sharing with #myfavouritepost