Friday, 1 May 2015

Monthly bucket list for April / May


April has been a pretty stressful one for me, I've felt like everything has been out of my control and all a bit up in the air. My hopes for May are to chill out and get back to doing what I love most :)  
April's bucket list:
* Personal aim's *

 * To finish 'The book of you' - Check
I wasn't that impressed by this book it was a bit dark at times.
It turned out to not be what I expected at all!! 

* To lose 5lb - 4lb so Partial Fail
I have tried to be good this month too :( 

* To get organised with my blogging - Big FAIL
However I blame the no Wi-Fi and my useless broadband provider! 

* To keep up with ordinary lies - Check 5/6
My fav was the drug smuggling one with Michelle Keegan
and the last one with Jo Joyner, who previously played Tanya in Eastenders. Such intense story lines, all very well written. 

* Save and not spend - Check
actually managed to pay off some things :) go me! 

* The kids *

* To sort out the boys sleep -  Check 
Getting there, definite improvement.
* Settling both kids into the new house - Big check
* Spending more time outside - Check

May's bucket list:
* Personal aim's *

* To finish my new book - Jill Mansell - The one you really want -
* To apply for at least 2 new job's -
* Go on a night out (out-out) with friends -
* A family day out - preferably to the beach (weather dependant)
now that football season is finally over (whoppie!) - 
* To begin watching the new series starting on 3rd May - The C Word with Sheridan Smith, such a talented actress! -

* The kids *

* Listen to J. read more, not just her school books -
* Get on top of the fructose intolerance diet with Fin -  
* Organise the kids carnival costumes for next month -

* The blog *

* I need to get to grips with my Facebook page -
* To keep on top of my new schedule, I will get organised! -
* Get back to linking up with all my favourite linkys again,
now that I have Wi-Fi again - 

Here's last months list :  April Bucket List


  1. Carnival costumes sound like a lot of fun!!

    Stevie x #MonthlyBucketList

  2. great list. I love that you have your goals, kids goals and blog goals. Look forward to seeing how you get on xx

  3. Great list! I hope you achieve as much as you can, and enjoy your night out x


  4. I Loved Ordinary Lies too!!! I developed a crush on Max Beesley after it though haaaaa!!!
    I'd say 4lb is rather awesome so well done. Hope you get your night out sorted & a beach day
    Did you watch The C Word? Sobbed my heart out
    Thanks for linking up xxx