Sunday, 31 May 2015

Monthly bucket list - May/June



Personal aim's

* To finish my new book - Jill Mansell - The one you really want - FAIL
I gave up on this book as I just couldn't get into it,
I hate doing this but sometimes needs must.

* To apply for at least 2 new job's - FAIL
I look every week at what's out there, but after finding my ideal job and then agonising over the pro's and con's -the biggest one being leaving my 1.5 yo full time, I've decided to put the job search on hold for the time being.

* Go on a night out (out-out) with friends - CHECK
I actually went on two in the same weekend, this is unheard of! Whilst it was fun it was also exhausting and took me days to get over it. I'm a home bird. Also curry and cider is so calorific, who knew ?! :( 

* A family day out - preferably to the beach (weather dependant)
now that football season is finally over (whoppie!) - CHECK
However wasn't the beach, turns out its not quite warm enough for that yet. We visited an outdoor resource centre with nature walks and a picnic, the kids loved it. 

* To begin watching the new series starting on 3rd May - The C Word with Sheridan Smith, such a talented actress! - CHECK
Turns out the said programme wasn't a series but a one off drama.
 I fortunately managed to catch it on BBC iplayer as I somehow managed to miss it (yayyy for modern technology) it was an amazingly moving programme and will probably stick with me for a good while.
I wrote a post on it here: The C word

The kids

* Listen to J. read more, not just her school books - CHECK
* Get on top of the fructose intolerance diet with Fin -  CHECK
* Organise the kids carnival costumes for next month - 1/2
I've decided what they will be but not brought/made them.

 The blog

* I need to get to grips with my Facebook page - CHECK
* To keep on top of my new schedule, I will get organised! - CHECK
* Get back to linking up with all my favourite linkys again,
now that I have Wi-Fi again - CHECK


Personal aim's

* To finish (and not give up on) The Dark Side by Gillan Flynn
* To get out running again and motivate myself to lose his stubborn stone.
* Date night with the better half, its been so long.

The kids

* Swimming date
* New clothes ready for holiday next month
* Start the milk ladder with both kids
here is my post on: Intolerances

 The blog

* Work on my tots100 score
* Vary the subjects of my posts from parenting
* Increase my like's on Facebook.

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  1. Oh I found Jill Mansell really easy to read though I think I skim read! If you come up Sith a plan for Facebook then let me know it's definitely my nemesis!! #monthkybucketlist

  2. Wow you did so much last month! and a great list for this month too. I need to get to grips with FB I really don't 'get' it but hey ho. good luck with your list for June =)

  3. 2 nights out? Go you! I'm very jealous! I don't like giving up on books but sometimes you just can't get into them
    FB is a tricky one to get to grips with so I don't have any tips I'm afraid. Good luck with the tots score
    Thanks so much for linking up again xxx