Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Count Your Lucky Stars

** Warning ** this post is mostly tongue and cheek
and shouldn't be taken too seriously
Anyone who follows me on twitter will be fully aware (and totally fed up) of the fact I have been without Wifi for nearly 2 weeks! 
Do you feel my pain :(
Can you believe that in 2015 it takes 2 weeks to move the Wifi from one address to another (which in fact is only 500yds), no nor can I!
But apparently it does.
I've complained, to Sky, to Twitter and to everyone
but it hasn't done any good.
 Like it or lump it, it takes 2 weeks (Sulk)
A blogger without internet is like toast without butter
(thank you dodgy gezza in Eastenders, for this analogy).
I'm pretty useless without it.
So this post is about counting your lucky star's, if your lucky enough to have Wifi then you should appreciate it. When I'm re-connected, tomorrow (Yippeee!) I vow never to take my Wifi for granted again.
 I intend to take full advantage of it.
** The serious bit **
Its important to remember not to take things for granted,
not even the little things. Appreciate all that you have.
Obviously Wifi isn't vitally important in the grand scheme of things,
but going without has made me realise how much I take everyday things for granted and how reliant I am on superficial things.  
In this day and age we are very lucky.
So basically.....

Potty Mouthed Mummy


  1. I most definitely would not be able to cope without wifi, I should remember to count my lucky stars for it every single day ha ha!! thanks for linking up xxx

  2. Haha, this has made me laugh. Our wi-fi was off for about a week at the start of this year and it drove me crazy. You never realise how much you take it for granted until it's gone! xx

  3. Oh wow yes. First world problems but I totally agree! We were without for about 4 days on holiday earlier in the year - we were all climbing the walls and fighting over the odd bit of 3G that when came across when out and about!

  4. Absolutely! I'd be pretty lost without wifi, but you are so right that we take lots of little things for granted, and we really shouldn't x #countluckystars